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Goodbye Jon – we’re going to miss you!

My first blog posting has absolutely nothing to do with tea but a fond farewell to Jon Stewart. Watching him over the last sixteen years was my daily ritual – even when I was in Sri Lanka. A few years ago, my mom peeped over my computer screen one day and said, “Isn’t he a famous comedian?” Yes mom, he is and then again more than just a comedian. His wry wit and biting repartee made me a fan early on. His emotional monologue after 9/11 spoke volumes not only of our collective sadness but also our resilience stronger than any speechwriter. He’s also the reason my library includes “It Worked for Me“, “Winner Take All“, “Flash Boys” and “The Wordy Shipmates“. I am struggling to be more articulate here but at the end I simply just want to say, “Thank You, Be Well and We’ll Miss You.”

The sixteen years went by in a flash and in a little over an hour , I get to see his show for one last time. After that I’m not sure what I’ll do – maybe have a nice cup of tea.

That will be my moment of Zen.

PS: Hey Arby’s – let me have this one – just for a little while…

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