About Senkada Tea

Thank you for visiting us at Senkada Tea. I started Senkada Tea to import the best Sri Lankan tea I could find to Colorado and the United States. Senkada, meaning the land of prosperity or success, is the ancient name of my hometown of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Kandy is the tea growing district where Sri Lankan or as it is better known, Ceylon Tea began in 1867. Both Senkada Tea and the Sri Lankan Tea industry as a whole prides ourselves on producing naturally grown, environmentally sustainable, ethically produced and the worlds only ozone friendly tea.

Who We Are

My grandfather and I – 1977

My grandfather was one of the first Sri Lankan tea estate owners before we even gained independence from Britain in 1948. Some of my earliest memories was accompanying him to his tea estates and getting caught up in the bustle of production. He taught me to respect and cherish the growing communities as well as the tea. His lasting legacy to Sri Lankan tea is what compels me to share this treasure with you. Since that time, I have always been passionate about Sri Lankan tea or as its better known, Ceylon tea and the welfare of those who cultivate it.

There is a new generation of tea planters who are cultivating small batch, single origin teas. These teas are naturally grown, ethically produced and are the world’s only ozone friendly teas. I have also gotten to know the farmers who produce the fruit, flowers, essential oils and exotic spices that flavor our teas. If you are new to pure Sri Lankan tea, it has been called the world’s best tea since 1872.

Now I want to share this amazing brew with you. Why?

Outstanding Quality – tea from Sri Lanka has gained the reputation of being the finest in the world for almost a hundred and fifty years, and “Ceylon Tea” became a global trademark and symbol of quality.

Sustainable growing practices – natural growing practices with minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers to sustain ecological balance and eliminate harmful additives in the teas. Sri Lankan tea is the world’s only “Ozone Friendly” tea. Tea leaves are hand harvested to reduce carbon emissions.

Fair Trade certified – teas are purchased from producers who guarantee that the growing communities receives a fair share of the profits. At a minimum, this is 68% of the net sale average.

Investment – enabling our growers communities improve their quality of life, with better access to free education, quality housing, and healthcare. Endowing providence funds that are set up to provide retirement programs.

About Our Logo

 Senkada Tea’s logo is the blue lily, the state flower of Sri Lanka. The lily symbolizes purity and strength while the light blue color conveys serenity and simplicity, and the green represents our commitment to the environment all of which represent Senkada Tea’s values

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer our customers the freshest and finest teas in the world, ethically and sustainably produced with substantial earnings reinvested in the growing communities enabling them to prosper.

Serenity In A Cup

We believe that brewing a cup of Senkada tea should be a ceremony in itself, a special occasion in the middle of a hectic day or a celebration of life’s victories big and small. Savor the moment of taking that first sip, enjoy the aroma of naturally grown Senkada tea and experience serenity in a cup.

Sri Lankan tea has a long and distinguished heritage. As the former British colony of Ceylon, tea first began to be cultivated and manufactured here. Tea from Ceylon soon gained a reputation of being the finest in the world, and “Ceylon Tea” became a global trademark and symbol of quality. Indelibly associated with the Ceylon Tea brand is the famous Ceylon Lion logo, found only on packages of pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka prior to export. Senkada Tea proudly bears this Lion of Ceylon logo, indicating only 100% pure Ceylon tea has been used.